Friday, 22 February 2013

An Innocent SiGHt

An innocent sight in my mind

i have knotted you in my heart
i walk behind you and love to watch you walk
i dream of you when I close my eyes and every moment
i feel your presence every time and everywhere
i completely freeze when you walk by my side
i walk with you, feel close to you and feel the breeze
i smile when you around
i am happy when our eyes meet coincidentally
i wonder when I see you smile, why your smiles are occasional ?
i can feel my heart beats when I think of you
i wish you could sense my silence feelings

i dEsIrE tO ExPrEsS yOu My eMoTiOnS!!!!!!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

BUT Statements

Girl to boy “ I Love you but as a friend “
Boss to his employee “You can take leave but keep you mobile switched on”
Father to daughter “You can come late but before 10 PM”
Mother to daughter” Go shopping buy new clothes but no short dresses”
Father to daughter “You can go out but not with boys”
Wife to husband “Drink but not more than one bottle”
Father to Son “You can buy mobile but only incoming calls”
Parents to Daughter “Permission granted to go to picnic but mingle only with girls”
Husband to Wife “Yummy food but my mom is the best cook”
Friends to their friends “Will go out for dinner but it will bill split”
MIL to DIL “ Pant suits  but saree is always graceful”
Sales Posters “Sale upt0 50% but only on selecting stocks”

Monday, 7 January 2013


Errr.... Fleeings are getting stronger.... Who are you??

I'm just addicted to you
I just can't get enough of you
I just don't want to let go you
I feel so close to you
I don't want to miss you
I'm loving you

A sligest clue , you gonna break my heart

(You: is the feeling here :) )

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Then & Now

Then we were friends, Now we are nothing.
Then we had so much talk, Now we search for words to talk.
Then we spoke for hours, Now we hardly speak.
Then we were familiar, Now we are strangers.
Then had many reasons to talk, Now we have no reasons to talk.
Then we knew everything about each other, Now we know nothing.
Then our friendship meant a lot , Now means nothing.
Then we cared about everything , Now we least care about anything.
Then we were somebody to each other , Now we are nobody.
Then I thought I was right about you , Now I know I was wrong .  

Wednesday, 27 June 2012


I could fly like a bird
I could dance like no one is watching
I could swim like a Dolphin
I could run like the wind blows
I could laugh like there is no tomorrow
I could walk thousand miles
I could reach for the stars
I could make life always happy
I could sense everyone’s emotions
I could see the whole world smile
I could change the past
I could never regret what happened
And Finally WISH I could sleep like a baby J

Monday, 25 June 2012

How do you feel ..........................................

When the morning sun rays awakens you?
When you feel the magic of first drop of the rain?
When you taste first mango of the season?
When you are in love?
When you miss someone?
When you are on your first date?
When you first kiss?
When you work on a weekend?
When you meet your school friend after long years?
When you smile for no reason?
When you able to fit into your old Denim?
When you are the world to someone?
When someone start meaning a lot to you?
When you can’t afford to lose that someone?
When you are utterly depressed and feel useless?
When you can wash away all the pains of yesterday?

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Another Day

Another day of morning breeze
Another hour of travel to work
Another hour of rigorous workout
Another cup of great coffee
Another heart felt message
Another beautiful thought
Another hearty laugh
Another pleasant talk
Another song of the day 
Another day at work
Another two hours of traffic jam way back home

Every day is a same day but each day with different experience, new learning and new ray of hope.
And I live my each day !!!